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    Mind-Boggling Food Realizations [distractify]

    Previously: Genious Shower Thoughts, Dog Shower Thoughts

    I’m not proud to reblog this; I’m compelled to reblog this.

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    Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.


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    Ok so I didn’t even watch the MTV VMAs but I was on Facebook and came across a buzzfeed article about the moment of silence for Mike Brown at Ferguson and I was shocked at the comments that people posted.

    The amount of people who need wake up calls in this country is…startling. Seriously. They have no idea…not one.

    God damn it white people

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    Nicki is having none of your cisnormative bullshit. (x)

    Fuck yeah Nicki Minaj!!

    Nicki you’re the best

    Watched the interview though and omg, she doesn’t even flinch or back down or laugh like it’s a joke, just. Oh my god. Yesss.



    Wow. I hadn’t even seen this and I was been losing my shit over just about everything Nicki touches. Now I’m hers forever.

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  7. 17 August 2014

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    Kneeling is an ancient religious act in demonstration of respect and submission to a God. No race, age, gender or sexuality differentiates the act of kneeling as all share the same gesture of respect, submission and obeisance.

    I read recently that “the kneeling position renders a person defenseless and unable to flee”

    In my perception, a submissive surrenders to his/her dominant and kneels as a symbol of his/her trust and respect for Him/Her. It is not a defenceless act but an act of courage and loyalty. To kneel for another symbolises reverence, trust and integrity and also appreciation for the ability to surrender his/her heart, body and soul to the Dominant with full trust and honour.

    Just my thoughts…

    - Buggy Bee

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  9. Anonymous said: Tell us a story about your first bdsm experience .


    My first-ever kinky experience was with this girl I was very close with from my Repo! The Genetic Opera shadowcast. If you don’t know the movie, this won’t make as much sense, but she was our Graverobber and I was her Z-addict. She and the rest of my cast convinced me to go to this con with them that turned out to be heavily about BDSM. I didn’t know this at the time, but I learned a lot while I was there.

    We got back to the hotel room and changed into our costumes for the show downstairs. She dress as Graverobber, as usual, and I dressed as her loyal slutty client, addicted to her drugs and dominance. I sat on the bed and looked at her, noticing she was already in character when she gave me that wicked smile. I walked up to her and she took my face in her palm, stroking my cheek.

    Does the little whore want something?” she asked.

    I blushed, and instantly gave her a smirk. I did. Of course I did. She took the glowing blue vial out from her holster and loaded up her gun, cheerfully humming with a grin across her face. She put a hand on my shoulder and my body lowered to the ground. 

    Swiftly, she dug the sharp tip of the gun into my neck and pulled the trigger. My body converted to Jello and my head lowerd in ecstasy, clutching onto her pants to retain my balance. She held up my by my throat.

    Thank you.” I murmured.

    Good girl,” she replied.

    I looked up at her and realized how utterly dropped I was. I was willing to submit myself completely to her, in any form she desired. I became aware of how excited the tip of her gun against my neck made me feel, and took in a deep breath.

    Come, dear.” She told me.

    I did as she asked, getting up from the floor and following her downstairs to the show. In the audience, she held my hand firmly, keeping my mind wandering, wandering…far from where I was in that moment.

    For the first time, I had felt the rush and energy I was missing all my life. Not surprisingly so, she was often the person to open my eyes to larger things in life. She continues to be a close friend I’m comfortable with sharing all our kinky not-so-secrets.

    xx SF

    I have no idea what you’re talking about in this story, and yet somehow I’m incredibly turned on.